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What we do at Comlongon Castle

  • Wedding Day Aerial Pictures/ Video
  • Pre/ Post Wedding Day Aerial Pictures/ Video
  • Prom Aerial Pictures/ Video
  • Garden Party Aerial Pictures/ Video
  • Business Event Aerial Pictures/ Video
  • Birthday Party Aerial Pictures/ Video



The Procedure we follow for each event is the same format


  • Initial Enquiry
  • Deposit paid (non-refundable) and our presence at the event guaranteed
  • Pre Event Consultation (face to face if possible or via Skype, email or telephone)
  • 'The Event Day'.  We attend the event at your requested time and carry out our Service to you
  • Editing of Images/ Video within 1 month of your Event. 
  • You choose final images and finishes (although there is no obligation to buy if you are not 100% satisfied)
  • Payment for any choices
  • Delivery of Final Images/ Video that you may have selected.
  • Future Discount if booking events in the future.


 Here is a More Detailed look at an example Wedding Day Service.


  • Initial Enquiry-  This is done by you either by phoning 07896837811 and speaking directly to Andy Jardine or by writing an email to  I will respond to any email enquiries within 48hours of receiving the email.  If it is a last minute enquiry then please call, there may be an opportunity for us still to be able to cover your event.  During the enquiry please know, what type of event you are organising, when the event is being planned for, how many people will be attending (approx) ideas that you may have and feel free to ask any questions about the service.


  • Once all of your questions have been answered and you are happy to proceed, we need you to make the Deposit payment of £300. Please note this fee is a special promotional rate for 2014 Homecoming Scotland.  Digital Services reserve the right to change this fee and offer discounted rates at special events.  This fee is Non-Refundable.  In extreme circumstances if we were forced not to be able to offer our service to you, we will refund in full your deposit.  We will however do everything within our control to offer you our service.


  • Once we have received your deposit we are committed 100% to your day.  We will contact you to arrange a discussion with you about your Wedding Day Plans.  Ideally this discussion will take place when most of your arrangements for your day have been finalised.  This includes discussions that you will have made with your ground Photographer.  We love this discussion to be 'face to face' where possible.  We can arrange to meet with you, at Comlongon Castle.  This part of the Service is at no extra cost to you .  Alternatively we can travel to meet you, however we will ask for travel expenses to be covered.  These will be charged at 0.40p per mile.  If travelling to meet face to face is not an option then the next best thing is Skype or facetime also we can resort to email, pictures and phone.  The important thing is that there has been a discussion before your Event so that we know what you would like and you know what to expect from us on the day.


  • Your Big Day!  On the big day, we will be at the Castle when you request.  You have us until it is too dark to capture any images.  If we have planned certain pictures or shots then we will work collaboratively with the other Photographer to make these happen whilst still making minimum disruption to what they need to do.  If the weather does not allow all that we planned then we will make the most of any opportunities that we get.  We may ask you and your party to respond quickly to a break in the weather and we just hope that you understand this. 


  • After your Wedding Day, we will do any necessary editing of images or with video, editing to form a smoother coherent representation of your celebrations.  Please note we will create a 10min maximum video of all the selected highlights that we are able to do for you on the day.


  • After editing, normally within a week but always within a month of your Wedding Day we will send the images to you and a clip of the video if we have carried out that service.  We ask you to select the images/ video you require.  Again if it is easier we can arrange another discussion face to face to make the selection process as straight forward as possible.  There is no obligation to buy at this point.  The Important thing here is to have some inspiration about what you could do with the prints or video and to know all the options available to you.


  • If you do decide to order prints, to buy copyright of Digital Images, Video footage or images with special framing requirements there will be additional charges.  We hope you do, that means we have done a great job.  They must be paid for in advance of ordering.  We will make the explaining of any additional costs as transparent as possible so you know exactly how little or how much you are spending.  The choice is completely up to you.  If you do not want any of the images there will be no obligation or pressure to make additional purchases.


  • After placing any orders we will keep you up to date with their delivery to you and ensure that you are happy with them once you have received them.


  • As a valued client we will offer you future 10%  discounts on Deposit amount and final image ordering should you choose to use or service again.


Final Message on our Services


We know how important your Wedding Day or Special Event is.  We aim to provide you with some truly special images/ video that captures the beauty of you and your chosen surroundings (Comlongon Castle)  We believe that our images will be a special addition to all of your Wonderful memories and we look forward to working for you to make your dreams a reality.


Best Wishes


Andy Jardine and the Digital Services Team













Where to find us:

Comlongon Aerial Images are supplied by Digital Services, based in the town of Dumfries.  Please have a look at our Facebook Page 'Digital Services' to see some other examples of our work.   To book your event for Comlongon you can simply use the phone number or email below to get in touch.   We are currently taking bookings up to and including 2016.


Phone: 07896837811 or email me at





Business hours are entirely flexible around your event.

Scottish Weather

Due to the unpredictability of our Scottish Weather we have kept our Deposit for our service to a minimum.  This way on the Worst Possible day where the weather does not let us fly, you will not have had to pay a fortune for a service that cannot happen.  However please understand that we will be ready throughout the day to fly and capture images whenever there is any window of opportunity.

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