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Who Are We?

Comlongon Aerial Images is brought to you by Digital Services a team of dedicated photographers who specialise is all forms of photography and filming.

The Digital Services Team


Thomas Andrew Jardine

Founder, Pilot and Photographer.

Phone: 07896837811



Myself and Brian started Comlongon Aerial Images to offer an unique service to the Guests at Comlongon.  Its a special place, so much character and History.  The gardens present a stunning backdrop to any picture.  We feel that it presents a great canvas for our aerial work.  I want to bring you the best I can offer for your special day, be it your Wedding or any other of the Special Events that we cater for.  And I will do my upmost to deliver what you set your heart on.  My background before adopting the aerial photography is land based photography so I understand the requirements of a great image.  With each event I still get the excitement of a child knowing that I have to perform to the best of my abilities.  I just want you to be as happy as possible with our results, so I will work very hard to make sure you are. 

Brian Pritchard

Founder, Assistant Pilot, Photographer.

Phone:  07563656094



I am a front of stage photographer and have covered many of the biggest Music Festivals, such as 'Live 8' and many 'Girl's Aloud' concerts.  I have also been the 'Normal' photographer for hundreds of Weddings.  I understand what is required on these days.  I like to keep as relaxed as possible and ensure that the safety of the Wedding Party is paramount.  I feel that our service at Comlongon offers some truly inspiring images that will impress anyone that you show them to.  They are different to the normal images and enable you to get a 'feel' of the party/ Wedding and shots of the important people that you chose to invite to your Big Day.  Seeing the end result always blows me away and I've been doing photgraphy for over 30 years.

Giedre Jasaite

Executive PA

Phone:  07554178047



I am the organiser of the group:-) and of course I add the feminine touch ensuring that what we offer is something that will appeal to ladies and Brides.  I am also there to talk to should you have any questions about the service and about your orders/ requirements for your special event at Comlongon Castle.

Where to find us:

Comlongon Aerial Images are supplied by Digital Services, based in the town of Dumfries.  Please have a look at our Facebook Page 'Digital Services' to see some other examples of our work.   To book your event for Comlongon you can simply use the phone number or email below to get in touch.   We are currently taking bookings up to and including 2016.


Phone: 07896837811 or email me at





Business hours are entirely flexible around your event.

Scottish Weather

Due to the unpredictability of our Scottish Weather we have kept our Deposit for our service to a minimum.  This way on the Worst Possible day where the weather does not let us fly, you will not have had to pay a fortune for a service that cannot happen.  However please understand that we will be ready throughout the day to fly and capture images whenever there is any window of opportunity.

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